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Für Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2016) (einschl. Server, x86 und x64). Aktuellste Version: 4.4.11 build 707. .

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Advanced Serial Port Monitor 174858 5 Lizenzen- Paket  Jetzt erwerben! 225 USD
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Advanced Serial Port Monitor 174858 nicht zutreffend Jetzt erwerben! 60 USD
Priority E-mail Support  [?] 300448540 1 year Jetzt erwerben! 19 USD
Advanced Serial Port Monitor +
Advanced Serial Data Logger
300113633 Professional Jetzt erwerben! 165 USD
Uneingeschränkte Site-Lizenz  [?] 300036107 nicht zutreffend Jetzt erwerben! 590 USD  
Uneingeschränkte Unternehmenslizenz  [?] 300036107 nicht zutreffend Jetzt erwerben! 890 USD  
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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing terms
Our products are licensing on per computer basis (1 license = 1 computer or server), not per network, per site or per company. If you are interested in an unlimited license, please contact our sales staff. The purchased license will never expire, but the period of free updates and new versions is limited to 1 year.
Problems ordering?
Please try the alternative payment method here. Do you have any questions regarding the order, payment or delivery process? Contact our sales team!
Are product updates included?
New licenses include a 12 month subscription for product updates, allowing you to receive and use product updates, including any major version updates available at the time, over a 12 month period beginning from the time you originally purchased the license. After the 12 month update period expires you will not be eligible to either receive or use product updates without first purchasing a renewed license in order to receive a further 12 month subscription for product updates. As all licenses are perpetual, you will still be able to use the last product version available at the time your update subscription expired.
Is a trial version available?
Yes, you can download the latest version of our software on the download page to evaluate the product before you purchase a license. The trial version has some limitations such as not being able to save your work and is limited to thirty minutes of use before you must restart the application.
What payment methods are accepted?
Payment can be made via credit card, such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal or by wire transfer. For alternative payment methods, please contact sales with your requirements.
How much does a renewed license cost?
The cost for an existing customer to renew a license in order to receive a further 12 month subscription for product updates is 50% of the equivalent new license cost.
How do I renew an existing license?
You may renew an existing license by visiting this page.