File OPC Server - easily create an OPC server and use it in a system that doesn't support the OPC functionality

Simple Way To Create OPC Server

For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2016) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 1.0.3 build 915. .

This program implements a simple OPC DA2 Server and uses a binary file as a data source for OPC data. It watches for file changing and reads new data from the file. Buy File OPC Server Download File OPC Server

Brief description:

This program implements a simple OPC DA2 server that polls a file on a local or network drive, reads updated values from that file, and then posts them via the OPC interface.

What problems can be solved with File OPC Server?

This way, you can easily create an OPC server and use it in a system that doesn't support the OPC functionality, if it is inexpedient to add that functionality. You can create and update the input file by using scripts, which allows you to implement support for the OPC interface in a programming language that lacks that capability.

You can keep the input file on a network drive to build a distributed network without having to tackle complicated DCOM settings.

Getting started is easy. File OPC Server is ready!

After the installation process you need to configure the OPC server. Please refer to the documentation.


File OPC Server. Diagram.


Several instances. You can run multiple server instances on one computer and collect data from multiple files. Each server instance will have a unique ID.

Several data types. The program supports different data types for OPC tags.

OPC tag names. You can assign an OPC tag name for each value.

Groups. You can assign tag names for an OPC server as a tree, which allows you to group variables.

Arrays. The program can read arrays of values from a file and create an OPC tag value of the "array" type.

OPC date quality. The program modifies OPC tag quality values. An invalid data flag will be set for an OPC tag if the file couldn't be found, or the program couldn't read the data, or the given value is missing.

Scaling. After reading a value, the program can scale it by multiplying it by the specified scaling factor.

Service mode. The server can be automatically launched as a service even before any user logs on.

Supporting all Windows version. The program works on all Windows version starting from Windows 2000, including servers and x64.