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Options menu



This menu item allows you to open the Options dialog box (fig.1).



Fig.1. Options dialog box


Use the "Colors" tab to specify the colors for various elements of the program and for the notification window. Use the "Confirmations" tab to specify whether the program will ask for confirmation when you delete tabs and visualization blocks.


Clear Log


The command allows you to clear the program log of all messages. The data is removed only from the program window. The log file the program creates during its work is not deleted.


Forbid Configuration Changes


This option allows you to allow and forbid changes in the configuration. A warning message will be displayed in case of an attempt to change the parameters of tabs and visualization blocks, their size and position.


Forbid Changes in Block Positions and Sizes


If this option is enabled, you will not be able to accidentally move or resize a visualization block. It is still possible to edit the parameters of blocks.

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