Schneider Electric (EM6400) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
3900Va apparent power, totalVAsingle
3902W active power, totalWsingle
3904Var reactive power, totalVARsingle
3906Pf avg pfPFsingle
3908Vll line to line avg voltageVLLsingle
3910Vln line to neutral voltageVLNsingle
3912A avg currentAsingle
3914F frequency, hzFsingle
3916VA1 apparent power, phase1VA1single
3918W1 active power, phase1W1single
3920Var1 reactive power, phase1VAR1single
3922PF1 pf, phase1PF1single
3924V12 voltage phase1 to phase2V12single
3926V1 voltage phase1 to neutralV1single
3928A1 current, phase1A1single
3930VA2 apparent power, phase2VA2single
3932W2 active power, phase2W2single
3934Var2 reactive power, phase2VAR2single
3936PF2 pf, phase2PF2single
3938V23 voltage phase2 to phase3V23single
3940V2 voltage phase2 to neutralV2single
3942A2 current, phase2A2single
3944VA3 apparent power, phase3VA3single
3946W3 active power, phase3W3single
3948Var3 reactive power, phase3VAR3single
3950PF3 pf, phase3PF3single
3952V31 voltage phase3 to phase1V31single
3954V3 voltage phase3 to neutralV3single
3956A3 current, phase3A3single
3958Fwdvah forward apparent energyFwdVAhsingle
3960Fwdwh forward active energyFwdWhsingle
3962Fwdvarh forward reactive inductive energyFwdVARhsingle
3964Fwdvarh forward reactive capacitive energyFwdVARhsingle
3966Revvah reverse apparent energyRevVAhsingle
3968Revwh reverse active energyRevWhsingle
3970Revvarh reverse reactive inductive energyRevVARhsingle
3972Revvarh reverse reactive capacitive energyRevVARhsingle
3974Present demandPresentsingle
3976Rising demandRisingsingle
3978Max mdMaxsingle
3980Max dm occurrence timeMaxsingle
3992On hrsOninteger
3994Fwdrun secsFwdRuninteger
3996Revrun secsRevRuninteger
3998Intr number of power interruptionIntrinteger
3860%V1 voltage thd, phase 1%V1single
3862%V2 voltage thd, phase 2%V2single
3864%V3 voltage thd, phase 3%V3single
3866%A1 current thd, phase 1%A1single
3868%A2 current thd, phase 2%A2single
3870%A3 current thd, phase 3%A3single
3880% avg load average load percentage%single
3882%L1 percentage of phase1 load%L1single
3884%L2 percentage of phase2 load%L2single
3886%L3 percentage of phase3 load%L3single
3888Unbalanced %loadUnbalancedsingle

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