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Configuring the program to run as a service

You can configure Advanced Serial Data Logger to run as a service in all Windows operating systems, starting from Windows 2000. This will allow the program to set up connections and create virtual COM ports automatically as soon as Windows loads, before any user logs on. In this mode, Advanced Serial Data Logger runs in background mode and usually is not noticed by users. To configure the program to run as a service, do the following:


1. Run Advanced Serial Data Logger and configure connections as necessary.

2. Select the “Windows service” operating mode via the program’s main window.

3. Test all connections to make sure that they work properly.

4. Close the program by clicking the “Exit” button and agreeing to close all active connections.

5. If you reboot the computer, the service will be launched automatically. You can also launch the service manually without rebooting the computer: Control Panel → Administration → Services → Advanced Serial Data Logger.

6. You can check if the service is running via the Task Manager. In the list of processes, you should see tcpcom.exe


Change connection settings or add new connections as follows:


1. Launch Advanced Serial Data Logger by clicking its icon on the desktop or via “Start → Programs.”

2. Agree to launch the program in restricted mode (because the service is already running in background mode).

3. Change the program’s settings as you need.

4. Go to “Control Panel → Administration → Services” and restart the Advanced Serial Data Logger service.


To disable the service mode, do the following:

1. Go to “Control Panel → Administration → Services.”

2. Stop the Advanced Serial Data Logger service.

3. Open the Properties dialog for the Advanced Serial Data Logger service.

4. Change the start-up mode to “Manual.”

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