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The data source is an OPC DA server. That means that any client software compatible with the OPC standard can receive data from Datatag Link in real time. In order to connect to the server, you need to know its attributes, which can be viewed by clicking on the Server Name button (see Fig. 8). Before using an OPC server, you need to install OPC Core Components Redistributable on the computer where the server and your client software will be running. You can get the package on the official website of the OPC Association (registration on the website is required).



Fig. 8. OPC DA.


Tag Name - you have to specify an ID of the OPC tag that you want to link to another data source. An OPC server supports hierarchical representation of data, and you can specify a path to the tag in the OPC tag tree as node1.node2.tag (dot is used as a separator). When creating a tag name, it is recommended to use only Latin letters and numbers.


Data Type - this field is used to specify the data type of OPC tag. When necessary, in the case the data types of different sources do not match, the program will try to convert such data types. When Auto is specified in the Data Type field, the program will use the data type of paired source.