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When you launch the program, the main window will open (Fig. 1). This window consists of the following parts:


1.Main menu - contains the menu commands described in the Menu section of this help file. To access the main menu, you can use the hotkeys (Alt + first letter). Some nested menu items can be accessed with special shortcuts.

2.Toolbar - contains buttons to quickly access the most frequently used functions.

3.Tag List - contains a list of created links between tags in different data sources and their status.

4.Status Panel - displays running time of the program.




Fig. 1. The main window.


When you click the Add button symbol-add, a window will be displayed with the connection settings for each data source (if required) and tag parameters (see Fig. 2). The parameters of each connection type are described in more detail in the sections below.


For each connection, it is possible to configure certain transmission directions symbol-arrow-downsymbol-arrow-up. For example, you can enable only one-way data transmission or temporarily disable communication.



Fig. 2. Tag linking parameters.


After setting up a new link of tags and clicking OK in the settings window, a new connection will appear in the main window (Fig. 2). Once you have configured the list of all connections, click File - Save save to apply all the changes. The next time you run the program, the last saved configuration will be loaded.


By pressing the Pause buttonaction-play-stop on the toolbar, you will temporarily suspend the program.


In the Status column the symbol "<" or ">" will appear indicating transmission from one source to the other.


Furthermore, you can configure the program parameters in a separate window (message log, service mode, data display type, etc.).