Parser item nameData typeDescription
FULL_DATA_PACKETStringOne message from a data packet
DATA_PACKETStringSame as FULL_DATA_PACKET, but without data packet signatures (if exist)
DATE_TIME_STAMPDateTimeDatetime stamp
DATA_SOURCE_IDIntegerData source ID
DATA_SOURCE_NAMEStringData source name
DATA_SOURCE_FULL_NAMEStringData source full name
CLIENTIDIntegerTracker's remote IP address and port
RECORD_IDIntegerRecord ID
DEVICE_IDStringDevice ID
TIMESTAMP_UTCDateTimeUTC date and time
TIMESTAMPDateTimeLocal date and time
LONGITUDEFloatLongitude 1)
LONGITUDE_DEGStringLongitude (format: deg/min/sec)
LATITUDEFloatLatitude 1)
LATITUDE_DEGStringLatitude (format: deg/min/sec)
FLAG1WordData 1
FLAG3WordData 3
FLAG4WordData 4
D5StringData 5
D6WordData 6
D7WordData 7
D8WordData 8
D9WordData 9
D10Int64Data 10
D11WordData 11
D12WordData 12
D13DWordData 13
D14WordData 14
D15WordData 15
D16WordData 16
D17WordData 17
D18IntegerData 18
D19IntegerData 19
D20IntegerData 20

1) The value is being calculated using the following formula:

GPS coordinates (longitude, latitude) formula

d - degree
m - minutes
s - seconds
ms - milliseconds

If a longitude is west or a latitude is south, then the value is being multiplied by –1.