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About the program

MODBUS Gateway is a utility that works as a software converter of MODBUS TCP protocol into MODBUS RTU or vice versa. It enables you to connect MODBUS TCP devices to systems or PLCs that can only work with MODBUS RTU. Protocol conversion is executed in real-time.


Our program allows you to save money and do without purchasing hardware converters. Using MODBUS Gateway on an intermediate server or embedded computer gives you a more flexible and scalable solution with multiple settings. At the same time, the program can process up to 256 connections via COM port.




You can create many connections with different connection settings.

When converting exchange protocols, the program can replace a MODBUS network address of the device according to the specified rules.

When converting MODBUS TCP into MODBUS RTU, you can arrange simultaneous access of two MODBUS master devices to one MODBUS slave device.

When converting RTU into TCP, the program allows you to specify which IP address to connect to for each MODBUS device.

All network connections are optimized to work with MODBUS protocols at maximum speed.

Data can be transmitted over TCP and UDP protocols both on the local network and over the Internet.

On the Internet, the program can work with dynamic IP addresses using a domain name.

You can also create local connections within a single computer.

The program can automatically start as a service utility and run even before the user logs into the system.


Company website: https://www.aggsoft.com/