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As soon as the program is launched, the program's main window will open (Fig. 1). The main window has the following elements:


1.Main Menu - these are menu commands which are described in the Menu section of this help file;

2.Connections - contains a list of created connections and their respective statuses.

3.Start-up mode - allows you to enable and configure an automatic start of MODBUS Gateway at Windows startup. When the program starts, the necessary virtual ports will be automatically created.



Fig. 1. The main window of the program.


Main menu


The main menu has the following items - File, Connection, View, and Help. Each item in these menus will be described below. Some menu functions can also be enabled using shortcuts (Hotkeys, see this Help section). See the corresponding keys and toolbar buttons mentioned in each menu item.




There are two columns in the list of connections. The left column displays the name and type of a connection, and the right column indicates the connection status and the number of bytes transmitted. The connection status is displayed as a color indicator:


Green - connection is OK.

Yellow - interim status (initialization, reconnection, etc.).

Red - a problem occurred during the connection. Short information about the connection status is displayed in the program's main window, and detailed information is recorded in a log file with program messages.


Suppose the program is configured to convert MODBUS addresses to IP addresses. In that case, the program will create separate connections for these addresses and display a status icon for each additionally created connection.


Applying settings


All changes will be automatically applied after adding a new connection and clicking OK in the connection settings window.


Program shutdown


When you click OK or close the window by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner, the program will automatically hide into the taskbar and continue running in the background mode. To stop the program, you need to click Exit.