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Remote client installation via Active Directory

You can use the Microsoft Active Directory service to install the remote Accurate Printer Monitor client on a group за computers automatically and remotely. To run the installation procedure, you need to have administrator permissions for the domain on the computers you want to install the remote client. Besides, you need to have a network shared folder it is possible to read data from.


1. Save the PrinterMonitorClient.msi package to the network shared folder. For example, \\SERVER\Install\PrinterMonitorClient.msi.


2. Run the "Active Directory Users and Computers" snap-in. You can do it using the "Start - Programs - Administrative Tools".


3. Create a new Organizational Unit (OU) or select an existing one it is necessary to install the remote computer for. To create a new organizational unit, select the "New - Organizational Unit" item on the "Actions" menu of the snap-in.


4. Move the computer you want to install the remote client on to the selected organizational unit by selecting them and selecting the "Move" item on the "Actions" menu.


5. Open the properties of the selected organizational unit. To do it, select the "Properties" item on the context menu of this unit opened with a right-click.


6. Switch to the "Group Policy" tab of the organizational unit settings.


7. Create a new Group Policy Object (GPO) by clicking the "New" button. Give an appropriate name to the new object. For example, APMGPO.


8. Switch to editing the group policy object created in the previous step. To do it, select this object and click the "Edit" button.


9. Switch to the "Computer Configuration - Software Settings - Software Installation" section in the new window.


10. Add the PrinterMonitorClient.msi installation package to the installation software list. To do it, select the "Actions - New - Package:" menu item and type the network path to the PrinterMonitorClient.msi package in the "File name" field of the "Open File" dialog box. For example, \\SERVER\Install\PrinterMonitorClient.msi. Then you should select the software deployment method. Select "Assigned".


Note: If you need to install the package with parameters, you should create a BAT file and save it together with PrinterMonitorClient.msi in the shared folder. You should specify the necessary command line parameters in the BAT file and add the BAT file to the installation software list instead of the MSI package.


11. Switch to the "Administrative Templates" tab of the group policy object. Select the "Add" item on the template context menu and specify the APMClient.adm file (they are distributed together with Accurate Printer Monitor and are installed in the program folder). The "Accurate Printer Monitor Client" tab will appear in administrative templates.


Note: Depending on the platform where the client will be installed (x86 or x64), you should install the template APMClientx86.adm or APMClientx64.adm. You can install both templates simultaneously for different groups of clients.


12. Switch to the "Accurate Printer Monitor Client" tab created in the previous step. Disable filtering in the list (the "View / Filtering" item on the context menu). The "Notify servers" option will appear in the list after that.


13. Select the "Notify servers" option. Select the server's IP address where the Accurate Printer Monitor server is installed in the new dialog box. You can also edit additional options specified in the template. You should at least configure the server address. The client can get all other settings from the server automatically if the corresponding option is enabled.


If you do everything correctly, the next time you restart the computers added to the organizational unit, the Accurate Printer Monitor client will be installed and configured on them.