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About software

Today we are all living in a completely new era. Utilizing digital technologies is as natural as breathing and consuming food, these days. That is why so many businesses turn towards digital products and solutions. Number of devices that can be connected to a home or office PC grows exponentially. PC becomes the control center of various pieces of hardware: from MP3-players to industrial machinery.


One of the industry-standard device communications protocols is RS232/RS485/RS422 serial interface or COM port for short. Creating devices that communicate with PC via serial port is very cost-effective, not mentioning the amazing hardware compatibility. Most computers are equipped with at least one free serial port. However, developing hardware and software solutions that are built around COM port communications protocol is rather a challenging task without proper tools.


Introducing Advanced Serial Port Monitor (ASPM) by AGG Software, the unique serial port monitoring and data handling solution that allows developers focus on their project instead of battling hardware.


Advanced Serial Port Monitor can operate in manual, automatic and spy modes providing developers with unique opportunity to monitor all data received from device connected to COM port as well as send data directly to a serial port either manually or automatically on given time intervals. The application supports full duplex mode, which means you can use it anytime without having to close or restart programs already communicating with a device via serial port.


Advanced Serial Port Monitor supports all possible baud rates, data bits number, stop bits number, parity and flow control types. Besides flexible configuration, the software supports plug-ins used to emulate various devices and expand software functionality.


The application comes with comprehensive help system and intuitive interface to make it easy to start using it right after installation.


ASPM has the following capabilities:


transmit of any data in both directions (from and to computer) in duplex mode (receive and transmit at the same time);

work in manual control mode;

work in spy mode,  when do with other program data exchange;

any data source (input string or file);

output of received data to file;

flexible connection settings (baud rate, data bits, etc.);

switch of plug-ins;

friendly, completely setup interface.