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Useful advice

Look hints on all window elements - it will help you to get idea about the function made by this element;

Pushing "Send" button is analogues to "Enter" in input string;

Baud rate, data bit number, stop bits number, parity type and others can be changed in program work without COM port close;

Many main window elements have "hot" keys for quick access to its functions;


Ctrl+S  - analogues to key"Send";

Ctrl+O  - analogues to key"Open/Close;

Ctrl+W  - on/off write to file;

Ctrl+C  - analogues to button "Clear";

F4  - set focus to data input string;

Ctrl+T  - activate mode, where data source is input string;

Ctrl+F  - activate mode, where  data source is file;

Ctrl+Alt+E  - call options of data packet end string sign;

Ctrl+Alt+F  - call options of protocol file forming;

Ctrl+Alt+С  - call additional options of COM port configuration;


On available COM port number change is not necessary to push 'Stop' button. Close of current and open of new com port will be automatic;

You can change manual  line RTS and DTR signals state by clicking not corresponding indicator.