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Manual control

In this mode data sending through COM port is made by clicking "Send". Input string or data file can be data source.


If data source was input string


Unempty string from the input field in the main window (pic.1) or last sent value will be send. Edit box will available only if you're opened serial port with "Open" button. Then you can enter any data and click "Send" button. How can you enter data in this box, please read below.



Pic.1. Edit box in the main window


If data source was file


the following data packet from the selected file. Data packet formation is done due to description, given before.


Also You can send data automatically. In this mode data from input string or file are sent over interval,set in the field "Delay".


If data source are taken from file, so for text (ASCII) files is used the next string, for binary files - data portion before the next end string sign on transmit. If end string sign is not set, the WHOLE file will be send.


Delay - waiting time in milliseconds before sending the next data portion from file or string from input field in auto mode. Delay is set in milliseconds due to requirements.