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Spy mode

In this mode Advanced Serial Port Monitor doesn't send and receive any data, and only spies data exchange, made by other programs.


To spy received and sent data:


1.Select "Spy mode" from "Mode" menu in the main window;
2.Configure "Data view" mode in the options. Be sure, that you're enabled output of all characters types;
3.Don't forget to enable option in menu "Options/Output data sent on screen" to spy data sent by the given program (if necessary).
4.Open serial port before running the given program. It's very important. If you're opened serial port after start of the given program, then you will not get any output on the screen.


If the given program sends or receives data over COM port, the whole data exchange process will be displayed in data receive window.  Also it is possible to keep data exchange protocol.


To exit Advanced Serial Port Monitor close the given program or stop data exchange over COM port in it.


Advanced features for Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP users are available:

you can monitor modem connections. If a modem are installed in Windows OS, you may select your modem name from the port's list;

you can monitor internal port events (system events), such as port opening, port closing, set handshake etc. You can select a list of events, that you'll monitor (fig. 1) and specify color for it.



Fig.1 System events.