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Date/time stamp view

This group of options (fig. 6.2.1) allows configuring the format of date/time stamps that will be used in the main program window and log files.



Fig. 6.2.1 Configuring data/stamp view


Prefix/Postfix characters for display output - these options allow you to define the beginning and ending characters of a date/time stamp that will be shown in the program window. When outputting data to a log file, the program uses individual characters for each configuration.


View mode - allows you to select the standard or define the custom format of the date/time stamp.


Font - this group allows you to define the color and font of date/time stamp.


Add data direction sign to a stamp - if this option is activated, then the program will append TX or RX to the end of the stamp.


Add data source ID to a stamp - if this option is activated then the program will data append data source ID at the beginning of the stamp, for example, COM1.