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About the program

Program Overview


Datatag Link is a utility that enables you to link one or more values (tags) from different data sources and ensure two-way real-time communication between these sources. Data transmission between sources may be accompanied by automatic conversion of data types. At the same time, each transaction is logged to a separate log file.


Our program enables you to save money on purchasing conversion hardware. Using more advanced and high-performance computers makes it possible to ensure a higher transmission rate, a higher number of synchronized values or to link sources that are not reachable with hardware solutions.




Connecting to OPC DA, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, or MODBUS servers in any combination.

Adding up to 65,000 tags to enable synchronization in one application.

OPC UA. Supporting secure connections, as well as operation via the Internet.

MQTT: Supporting simple values and those valid in JSON.

SQL: supporting all widely used databases.

MODBUS: Supporting MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU connections.

Configuring all parameters in the dialog mode.

Supporting automatic startup and running as a background service, establishing communication between sources even before the user logs into the system.


Typical usage:


Bridging multiple interfaces i.g. MQTT-OPC, OPC-SQL, etc.

Simple logging of data sources in SQL.

Linking databases and industrial equipment (SQL-MODBUS).


Company website: https://www.aggsoft.com/