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Source file

For easy process of great volume data transmit or repeated data blocks you can use source files (pic.1).



Pic.1. Data source files


Program can work with the following file types:


Text (ASCII) - data from this file type are read line by line. On reading string from file the existing end string sign is cut, on data transmitting is added (or not) end string sign, set in program settings;

Binary - data from this file type are read by blocks. End block sign is end string sign, set in the program for sending data. On block reading it is completely and without any modifications is sent through COM port. When in binary file won't be found end block sing, the whole binary file will be sent as one block.


When transmitting data constantly, set file output mode. If you select repeated file output mode, at the file end data flow will continue on the next transmitting from the first file byte.


When you didn't set source file, you couldn't select file as data source.


Sometimes data flow protocoling is needed. Then set to output  data source to file in menu "Options" of the main program window.  Protocol mode is described in the next chapter.