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First run

Thanks for looking at our program and reading this manual. This chapter shows how quickly start working with the program and get the result. More detailed manual read in the next chapters.


On the first run, just after installation, You will get into the main window (pic.1).



Pic.1. Main window.


To start work with COM port at once execute the following actions:


1.Setup connection settings (baud rate, bits data number, stop bits number, etc.);
2.Select  from the list of available COM ports the one you need;
3.Click "Open". After that COM port will be unavailable for other programs, because the program uses it in monopoly mode. If COM port was busy by other application before, warning message will be displayed;
4.Press "F4" key, setting up necessary data in the edit box and click "Send" in program window or press "F4" key;
5.Configure, enable or disable writing to file with "Write to file" drop-down button.


Now your data were sent to COM port. Received data will be viewed on the display.

To select file as data source set file name. For quick access to this option use button with the picture of diskette.


Switch between program work modes is done with menu item "Mode".


Data and window view can be edit by pop up menu in data window (right-click over data window and select item).