Com Port Debug Software

Our Com Port Debug Software allows to Debug data transferred via the Com Port and test external devices connected to the Com Port.

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Sniffer/Monitor mode

With this mode you can monitor data exchange between any external devices, connected to the Com Port and Windows applications.

Terminal mode

Using the Com Port terminal mode, you can send and receive any data from the Com Port to debug and diagnose your external devices.


Com Port Debug Software can displays incoming and outgoing data in HEX, ASCII or binary formats.


Our Advantages

  • Our software can work with any COM or RS232 ports (real COM ports, virtual COM ports, USB-to-Serial, TCP-to-Serial, Bluetooth COM ports).
  • Our serial port monitor supports the miscellaneous baudrates (up to 921600), user-defined baudrates, number of databits, number of stop bits, different parity types, hardware or software flow control and other. You can change all communication parameters at any time.
  • For over 10 years we develop software for COM ports.
Com Port Debug

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