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Known issues

The program does not start - it may happen because the executable file of the program has been modified or it is being debugged. The running SoftIce debugger may be an indirect cause of it.


When I click the "Start" button, an error message is displayed in the Monitor window and no data is captured - an incorrectly installed filter driver causes it. Make sure that:


You have restarted the computer after you installed the program;
You have enough rights to install the driver. Usually, only system administrators can do it;
The driver file ausbmon.sys is located in the program folder and its size is not zero;
The driver is registered in the system. Right-click the list of USB devices and make sure that the "Install the driver service" menu item is not available. If the item is available, you should click it;
The driver is installed for the device. Select the USB device you want to capture data for in the list of USB devices, right-click it and make sure the "Install the device filter driver" or "Install the class filter driver" menu item is unavailable. If both items are available, you should click the "Install the class filter driver" item and restart the computer.


If the above methods do not help you solve your problem, try to:

1.remove the driver and its registration information from the system;

2.restart the computer;

3.reinstall the program;

4.execute the "Install the driver service" command;

5.execute the "Install the class filter driver" command;

6.restart the computer.


If an error occurs while you are trying to register or install the driver for the second time, contact us at support@aggsoft.com and let us know the error text in order to get personal recommendations.


When I click the "Start" button, there is no error message in the Monitor window, but no data is captured - it happens because no driver has been installed for your USB device or your USB device does not belong to the class of USB devices supported by Windows. Generally, it is enough to restart the computer. If it does not help perform actions described in the previous problem.


A certainly operating USB device has the notconnected icon in the list of devices in the program - the feature automatically refreshing the list of devices in the program causes it. It is recommended to disable this feature using the menu (View | Auto refresh USBs tree). Then unplug your device and plug it again.