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Q: How does the filter driver influence the device?

A: Our driver fully complies with the WDM filter driver specification and correctly processes all types of requests that can go through it. While running, it spends only the time necessary to buffer data. It is really little time compared to the time of a request to an USB device. That is why it does not influence the device.


Q: Can the filter driver damage data transferred to the device or from it?

A: Theoretically, everything is possible. In practice, our driver was tested with a debugger of the kernel level and we used such Microsoft testing tools as verifier and HCT 12.10 (Hardware Compatibility Test) under most stressful conditions, which excludes* failures in its work.


Q: Can the filter driver or the program damage data on the local disk?

A: No.


Q: Are there any cables or additional devices required to capture data?

A: Our software run on the software level and does not depend on cables. No special or additional devices are required for our program to run.


Q: Why do you use the filter driver while there are applications that run without it and perform the same operations?

A: Our software uses only documented and recommended by Microsoft company technologies only. We do not use technologies, the patch method in particular (when functions located in one kernel driver are substituted with other functions located in another driver), based on undocumented and dangerous methods that may lead to failures in the work of the operating system and in particular USB devices and at the same time have absolutely no advantages concerning the functionality and performance.






Note: We cannot guarantee that our program will be 100% compatible with your hardware and are not liable for possible damage that may occur as the result of using our software.