Serial-to-IP software converter

It allows you to forward data from a physical or virtual COM port to an Ethernet network.

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TCP COM Bridge. Left part
TCP COM Bridge. Right part
TCP COM Bridge. Main window

Serial port splitter

You can split data from one COM port into two or more streams (that is, use the program as a serial port splitter).

Serial port sharing

The program allows using one COM port from two or more applications or provides remote access for a local COM port.


Lets you save money on buying hardware serial device servers, as a computer running the program can easily do the same task.


Our Advantages

  • Our software can work with any COM or RS232 ports (real COM ports, virtual COM ports, USB-to-Serial, TCP-to-Serial, Bluetooth COM ports).
  • Our software allows sharing COM ports, convert COM data to an IP stream, split COM ports, and much more.
  • For over 10 years, we develop software for COM ports.
Serial-IP converter. Features

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