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Remote control

{You need the full Enterprise version for the server computer}

{You need the Professional license for any client computer}


Using the remote control feature, you can install and use DNC Precision in the Server mode on a headless server with limited access. Operators or users can install the DNC Precision client application on other computers or workstations, connect to the server and execute allowed operations:


Send or receive files.

Start or pause operations with a machine.

Change the settings.


The remote client application has the same interface as the main application, but the server's administrator may limit some functions for an operator in the server settings (Options - Configure - Remote control, fig. 19).


You can add the unlimited number of client account with different access rights.


Login - an operator's login name.


Password - an operator's password.


Edit/Add/Delete - the remote operator can edit, add or delete machines in the list.


Start/Stop - the operator can start or stop the server mode for all machines.


Send/Receive - the operator can send or receive NC program for all machines.



Fig. 19. Remote control settings.


To start the program in the client mode, you should install DNC Precision using the regular installation package and manually edit a shortcut on your desktop. You should append the "/client" command line parameter to the executable name.


When the client starts, it asks for a remote server's IP address, login and password and store them after the first successful connection. Next time, you may type a password only.