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Product Item ID # License type Order url Price
Advanced Serial Port Monitor ASPM-5 5 licenses pack  Buy now 250 USD
Advanced Serial Data Logger ASDL1-A Enterprise with ALL plugins  Buy now 300 USD
Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger AIPDL1-A Enterprise with ALL plugins  Buy now 300 USD
SNMP Data Logger SNMPL1-5 5 "enterprise" licenses pack  Buy now 600 USD
Advanced USB Port Monitor USBM2-5 5 "professional" licenses pack  Buy now 250 USD
TCP COM Bridge TCB2-2 Professional
Server + Client 
Buy now 150 USD
DNC Precision DNCP1-5 5 "enterprise" licenses pack  Buy now 850 USD
DNCP2-5 5 "professional" licenses pack  Buy now 500 USD
CNC Syntax Editor CNCE2-5 5 "professional" licenses pack  Buy now 230 USD
Primary order method
Product Item ID # License type Order url Price Add to basket
Advanced Serial Port Monitor ASPM full license Buy now 70 USD
Advanced Serial Data Logger ASDL1 Enterprise Buy now 210 USD
ASDL2 Professional Buy now 170 USD
ASDL3 Standard Buy now 100 USD
ASDL4 Home [?] Buy now 100 USD
Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger AIPDL1 Enterprise Buy now 210 USD
AIPDL2 Professional Buy now 170 USD
AIPDL3 Standard Buy now 100 USD
AIPDL4 Home Buy now 100 USD
Advanced NMEA Data Logger NMEAL1 Enterprise Buy now 210 USD
NMEAL3 Standard Buy now 100 USD
Serial Printer Logger SPL1 Enterprise Buy now 120 USD
SPL3 Standard Buy now 70 USD
Accurate Printer Monitor PRNM0 Corporate Buy now 360 USD
PRNM1 Enterprise Buy now 250 USD
Advanced OPC Data Logger OPCL1 Enterprise Buy now 470 USD
OPCL2 Professional Buy now 410 USD
OPCL3 Standard Buy now 350 USD
OPCL4 Lite Buy now 270 USD
OPC Scada Viewer OSV2 Professional Buy now 190 USD
OSV3 Standard Buy now 95 USD
OPC HTTP Gateway OHG9999 Unlimited Buy now 600 USD
OHG2500 2500 tags Buy now 240 USD
OHG500 500 tags Buy now 120 USD
OHG100 100 tags Buy now 60 USD
File OPC Server FOS9999 Unlimited Buy now 600 USD
FOS2500 2500 tags Buy now 240 USD
FOS500 500 tags Buy now 120 USD
FOS100 100 tags Buy now 60 USD
Advanced PBX Data Logger PBXL1-10 Enterprise
10 PBX, unlimited extensions
Buy now 1100 USD
PBXL1-5 Enterprise
5 PBX, unlimited extensions
Buy now 900 USD
PBXL1-3 Enterprise
3 PBX, unlimited extensions
Buy now 600 USD
PBXL1-2 Enterprise
2 PBX, unlimited extensions
Buy now 460 USD
PBXL1-1 Enterprise
1 PBX, unlimited extensions
Buy now 330 USD
PBXL2 Professional
1 PBX, 48 extensions
Buy now 170 USD
PBXL3 Standard
1 PBX, unlimited extensions
Buy now 100 USD
SNMP Data Logger SNMPL1 Enterprise Buy now 160 USD
SNMPL2 Professional Buy now 130 USD
SNMPL3 Standard Buy now 75 USD
Advanced USB Port Monitor USBM2 Professional Buy now 70 USD
USBM3 Standard Buy now 55 USD
USBM4 Lite Buy now 20 USD
USB HID Logger USBL1 Enterprise Buy now 210 USD
USBL3 Standard Buy now 100 USD
Virtual Null Modem VNM2 Professional Buy now 80 USD
VNM3 Standard Buy now 59 USD
VNM4 Lite Buy now 40 USD
TCP COM Bridge TCB2 Professional Buy now 80 USD
TCB3 Standard Buy now 65 USD
TCP Splitter TCPS500 Professional
Pro 500
Buy now 590 USD
TCPS200 Professional
Pro 200
Buy now 350 USD
TCPS100 Professional
Pro 100
Buy now 230 USD
TCPS50 Professional
Pro 50
Buy now 170 USD
TCPS20 Professional
Pro 20
Buy now 150 USD
TCPS10 Standard Buy now 110 USD
AGG MODBUS Gateway MBG20 Professional
Pro 20
Buy now 250 USD
MBG10 Professional
Pro 10
Buy now 180 USD
MBG5 Professional
Pro 5
Buy now 120 USD
MBG3 Professional
Pro 3
Buy now 75 USD
MBGF Free   Free of charge   
Datatag Link DTL250 250 tags Buy now 499 USD
DTL100 100 tags Buy now 249 USD
DTL50 50 tags Buy now 179 USD
DTL10 10 tags Buy now 89 USD
DNC Precision DNCP1 Enterprise Buy now 230 USD
DNCP2 Professional Buy now 140 USD
DNCPF Free   Free of charge   
CNC Syntax Editor CNCE1 Enterprise Buy now 99 USD
CNCE2 Professional Buy now 69 USD
CNCEF Free   Free of charge   
Log Monitor & Export LOGM1 Enterprise Buy now 100 USD
LOGM2 Professional Buy now 80 USD
AlarmFront Monitoring AFM1000 Professional
1000 objects
Buy now 4900 USD
AFM400 Professional
400 objects
Buy now 2200 USD
AFM100 Professional
100 objects
Buy now 1300 USD
AFM30 Professional
30 objects
Buy now 650 USD
AFM5 Personal
5 objects
Buy now 260 USD
TCP or GPRS addon AFM-TCP add to basket if necessary Buy now 160 USD
RS232 addon AFM-COM add to basket if necessary Buy now 160 USD
Remote deployment  [?] REMD one time Buy now 44 USD
Priority Email Support  [?] PRI1 1 year Buy now 69 USD
Priority Email Support  [?] PRI2 1 year Buy now 19 USD
SQL Database Professional SQLDBP full license Buy now 50 USD
Alarms Professional ALMP full license Buy now 50 USD
Excel Export Professional EEP full license Buy now 45 USD
Advanced Serial Port Monitor +
Advanced Serial Data Logger
BNDL1 Professional Buy now 190 USD
Advanced Serial Data Logger +
Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger
BNDL2 Professional Buy now 270 USD
RS232 logger ActiveX AXRS232 full license Buy now 50 USD
TCP/IP logger ActiveX AXTCP full license Buy now 50 USD
OPC logger ActiveX AXOPC full license Buy now 50 USD
PBX logger ActiveX AXPBX full license Buy now 50 USD
Remote support  [?] REMS 1 hour Buy now 35 USD
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Purchase orders (PO)

As a corporate client, you can generally order using a purchase order. Please, go to this page and read about an order process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing terms
Our products are licensing on per computer basis (1 license = 1 computer or server), not per network, per site, or company. If you are interested in an unlimited license, please contact our sales staff. The purchased license will never expire, but the period of free updates and new versions is limited to 1 year.
Problems ordering?
Please try the alternative payment method here. Do you have any questions regarding the order, payment, or delivery process? Contact our sales team!
Are product updates included?
New licenses include a 12-month subscription for product updates, allowing you to receive and use product updates, including any major version updates available at the time, over a 12-month from when you originally purchased the license. After the 12-month update period expires, you will not be eligible to either receive or use product updates without first purchasing a renewed license to receive a further 12-month subscription for product updates. As all licenses are perpetual, you will still be able to use the last product version available when your update subscription expires.
Is a trial version available?
Yes, you can download the latest version of our software on the download page to evaluate the product before you purchase a license. The trial version has some limitations, such as not being able to save your work and is limited to thirty minutes of use before you must restart the application.
What payment methods are accepted?
Payment can be made via credit card, such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, or using a wire transfer. For alternative payment methods, please contact sales with your requirements.
How much does a renewed license cost?
The cost for an existing customer to renew a license to receive a further 12-month subscription for product updates is 50% of the equivalent new license cost.
How do I renew an existing license?
You may renew an existing license by visiting this page.