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Export monitor data

{Available only in the full enterprise version}


This page will be activated if you'll enable the "Log activity" box on the "Settings" page.


Our software can export monitor data to many targets with help of data export plugins. All targets are listed in the "Export targets" list. You can download data export plugin for your needs from our site and install it. Most plugins are free for registered customers. Before exporting data, you should assign a data value to each column in a target document (Excel, database table, etc.). You can do it with help of the "Columns" table. Simply, select a data description from a drop-down list.


When you assigned columns, then you can activate a data target in the list and configure this target by clicking the "Setup" button. The plugin's setup options are described in the help file that is bundled with a corresponding plugin module, and you can open this file by clicking the "Help" button.



Fig. 17. Export monitor data.