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Windows 2000+ service

Windows 2000+ services will let you:


automatically start service before user login.

automatically start service with Windows.

setup actions on emergency service restore in case of failure, for example auto service or computer restart (only on computers with Windows 2000 or later).


Note: you must be logged in as an administrator to change the configuration or control the service in any way (start, stop, pause, continue).


To enable the service mode, go to program "Main menu - Options - Configure... - Windows service" window (fig. 20), and enable the "Use program as the service" option.



Fig. 20. Service settings.


After that, you can select the service start-up mode:


1.Automatic - the service will be start automatically with Windows, before user login.
2.Manual - you should launch the service manually in the "Services" control panel.
3.Disabled - service is temporarily disabled.


Display program window at service start - if this options is enabled, the service puts an icon to the system area (fig. 21). This feature is not available on all Windows after Windows Vista.



Fig. 21. Service icon in the system area.


If you use databases or other service applications that must start before DNC Precision, you can select them in the "Start service after selected services" list (fig. 20). After you configured the service mode, restart your computer or start the service manually in the "Services" control panel (fig. 22)  



Fig. 22. Services control panel.


When the service runs in background, two processes appear in Task Manager: dncprecisesrv.exe and dncprecise.exe (fig. 23). Unlike the "srvany.exe" utility, our service safely saves all the settings when the service stops and your computer reboots.



Fig. 23. Process list.


To configure the service mode, you should start the program with elevated administrator privileges (right-click on the program icon and select "Run as administrator). You can also use the following command line commands with "dncprecisesrv.exe" to control service state:


/? - short help.

/I - install the service with the manual start-up mode.

/A - install the service with the automatic start-up mode.

/D - install service with the "disabled" state.

/R - remove the service from your computer.