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How to register

The program is distributed on shareware terms. This signifies limited or unavailable many features of the program, getting of full value or available after program registration.


If you'd like to be a registered user, to get information about the release of new versions, to use technical support and, at last, to get access to disabled functions of the program, register your copy. For registration, please, read license agreement.


If you want to buy a program through the Internet visit the registration page of our site. On this page you can get the newest information about the registration process, and also find an order link. After you've had the form of order registration. Enter your personal information and choose the most convenient payment method for you. Further, you'll get notification and follow the notes in it.


More information about services, registration documents, payment means you can get on our registration page of our site.


Registered users are entitled to FREE upgrades for the major version, they purchased. That means, that in case you bought registration key for version 2.00, you will receive upgrades for versions 2.xx for FREE. If a new authorization code is required it will be issued upon request at no charge to users who have registered for the current major version.