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File menu


Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O

Toolbar button: button-open


Open the project file that was saved before to a file with the ".xml" extension. All tabs with visualization blocks are closed once it is loaded.



Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S

Toolbar button: button-save


Save the parameters of tabs and visualization blocks on them to a file with the ".xml" extension.


New configuration

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+N

Toolbar button: button-new


Delete all tabs and visualization blocks on them and get the program ready for a new project.



Keyboard shortcut: Alt+F4

Toolbar button: button-exit


Close the program. When you exit the program, all parameters of the current configuration are saved in the registry and it will be loaded next time you start the program.


This menu item also contains the list of recently opened files to make it comfortable for you to switch between different projects.