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The family of the OPC software technologies is a unified interface for controlling automation objects and technological processes. Most gauges, monitoring and control devices nowadays have OPC servers that can be used to obtain the current data. OPC Scada Viewer supports the main and most widely used OPC DA1 and DA2 standards that allow you to exchange data with programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, computer numerical controlled devices and other devices in real time.


OPC Scada Viewer allows you to easily and very visually display data received via the OPC interface. Data is displayed in real time, which allows you to use the program for permanent control and monitoring in various systems. OPC Scada Viewer offers a lot of indicators for displaying the values of OPC tags, from simple analog pointer indicators to charts and diagrams. It is possible to customize every indicator separately for your needs.


OPC Scada Viewer main features:


Retrieving data from one or several OPC servers simultaneously;

Displaying the value of an OPC tags with the help of a wide range of indicators;

Different indicators for different types of OPC tags (logical values, strings, integers and fractions);

Customizable visualization parameters for each indicator;

Creating several tabs with different sets of indicators;

Using any image as the background image for indicators;

Visual and sound warnings when an OPC tag exceeds the specified limits;

Automatically controlling a connection to the OPC server and keeping it alive;

Supporting all Windows version starting from Windows 95.


The program is very easy to use! The configuration process is completely visual and has full context help. You can completely customize the application.


Typical use


A good example of using the program is replacing a large and cumbersome SCADA in a system where it is necessary to only control and monitor and where there is no need to send any commands back.


Sample applications


Data log systems;

Remote monitoring systems;

Alarm and warning systems.


Company home page: http://www.aggsoft.com/

Software home page: http://www.aggsoft.com/opc-scada-viewer.htm