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Handling events

You may handle the mouse click event for the specified block using a script.


In this case, you should include the "onclick" function to your script. The program calls this function directly for every click and supplies the following arguments:


caption - text, the caption of the block.

shift - text, "shift" - the shift button is down, "ctrl" - the control button state, "alt" - the alt button state.

button - text, "left" - the left mouse button, "right" - the right mouse button, "double" - a double click.

area - text,

"state" - the state indicator.

"caption" - the block caption.

"minwarn" or "maxwarn" - the warning indicator for the minimum/maximum value.

"minval" or "maxval" - the minimum/maximum limit value.

"ind" - the indicator's area.

"value" - the current value.


If the function return the true the program does not execute default handlers for the event.




function onclick(caption, shift, button, area) as boolean

  ShowMessage(caption & " " & button)


  return false

end function