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Web server

The program has a built-in simple web (http) server. This server allows remotely monitor indicator's state. If the web server is enabled (fig. 1), the program periodically creates snapshots of all pages. Users may open a URL address in a browser and monitor snapshots.


Additionally you may define a login and password for users and restrict access.


In the "White list" you may specify a list of IP addresses what can access the server. If the list is empty all users may try to connect to the server.


The URL example on the local computer:


The URL example on a computer in your local network:


The URL example in Internet:



Fig.1. Web server settings


Please note, you may need add rules in your firewall for this web server.


If you want to access this web server from Internet, you may need to configure your router and redirect the selected port number to the computer with the program.