System requirements

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System requirements

CPU: Any CPU compatible with the modern Intel® x86 or x64 CPUs


Operating system:


Windows 2000 Professional SP 4;

Windows 2000 Server;

Windows XP x86 or x64;

Windows 2003 Server x86 or x64;

Windows Vista (all versions) x86 or x64.

Windows 7 (all versions) x86 or x64.

Windows 2008 Server (all versions) x86 or x64.

Windows 8 (all versions) x86 or x64.

Windows 2012 Server (all versions) x86 or x64.

Windows 10 (all versions) x86 or x64.


Please note that Tcp Com Bridge is not compatible with Windows 9x, Me, or NT.


CPU speed: 1 GHz or higher is recommended.  However, our program can successfully operate even on some of the slower CPUs.


System memory: 256 MB is recommended.


Free disk space: The program needs about 5 MB, but its system log will also occupy some disk space.


Special access requirements: To work with our program, you must have Administrator’s privileges. This is necessary to access certain registry keys, and to enable/install/unmount virtual serial ports.


Notes for Microsoft Windows Vista or higher:


Since our program uses a driver to create virtual serial ports, the following conditions must be provided:


1.You need Administrator’s privileges to launch our software;

2.Our program’s shortcut will be placed on the desktop (Figure 1);

3.Windows Vista will ask your permission to continue the installation (Figure 2).



Figure 1: The program’s shortcut on the Windows Vista desktop




Figure 2: User Account Control dialog box


You can modify the security settings for your user account if you don’t want to see the warning shown above. Please google for the solution.