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Common parameters

These parameters are used for data parsing (fig. 5.3.1).


1.Add date/time stamp to each sentence parsed - the parser will add an additional stamp value to other values, that the parser will extract from a data block;
2.Add serial port number to each sentence parsed - the parser will add an additional value with serial port number, that received this data block. You can use it in a multi port configuration, for identifying sentences from different serial ports.
3.Verify sentence checksum if available - the parser will calculate a checksum and verify it for each sentence that will contain '*' characters at  the end of sentence:
Sentence example: GPGGA,123519,4807.038,N,01131.000,E,1,08,0.9,545.4,M,46.9,M,,*47




Fig. 5.3.1 Common parameters


Aggregate sentences


This option is very useful if your talker sends more than one sentence and you want to save data to a file at single row. You can aggregate two or more sentences and data of these sentences will be send to data export modules at same moment with one date time stamp. If you'll specify sentence names then the module will store all data in a temporary buffer, while all sentences isn't received. When all data is received the module sends data to a data export module, clears the buffer and starts waiting for new data.


You can specify one or more different aggregate groups. Simply add sentence name to different rows. Sentences in the row should be separated by comma and a sentence should contain a talker name.