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NMEA sentences parser

If you want to export to any target, then you should configure a parser module. The ASCII data parser allows you to extract data from data flow, that contains a ASCII characters. The parser module splits data flow to data block and extracts data values from each data block. On the "sentence" tab (fig. 5.3.2) you should specify sentences, that the parser will parse. Other sentences will be ignored.



Fig. 5.3.2 NMEA sentences


The full list of supported sentences and variables that parsed from each sentence is listed here.


Our software create variables with following types:

String - Characters array with length from 1 to 65535 characters;

Boolean - Logical value (True/False) - 0 or 1;

Float - Real number - value range: -2.9 x 10^-39 .. 1.7 x 10^38

Integer - Integer value: -2147483648..2147483647;

DateTime - Date and time.



Note: Our modules doesn't support Time and Date data types. Therefore time variables, that exists in a sentence contains current date, but with time from the sentence.