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Supported talkers

AG - Autopilot - General
AP - Autopilot - Magnetic
CD - Communications Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
CR - Communications Receiver / Beacon Receiver
CS - Communications Satellite
CT - Communications Radio-Telephone (MF/HF)
CV - Communications Radio-Telephone (VHF)
CX - Communications Scanning Receiver
DF - Direction Finder
EC - Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS)
EP - Emergency Position Indicating Beacon (EPIRB)
ER - Engine Room Monitoring Systems
GP - Global Positioning System (GPS)
HC - Heading Magnetic Compass
HE - Heading North Seeking Gyro
HN - Heading Non North Seeking Gyro
II - Integrated Instrumentation
IN - Integrated Navigation
LC - Loran C
P - Proprietary Code
RA - RADAR and/or ARPA
SD - Sounder, Depth
SN - Electronic Positioning System, other/general
SS - Sounder, Scanning
TI - Turn Rate Indicator
VD - Velocity Sensor, Doppler, other/general
DM - Velocity Sensor, Speed Log, Water, Magnetic
VW - Velocity Sensor, Speed Log, Water, Mechanical
WI - Weather Instruments
YX - Transducer
ZA - Timekeeper Atomic Clock
ZC - Timekeeper Chronometer
ZQ - Timekeeper Quartz
ZV - Timekeeper Radio Update, WWV or WWVH

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