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Checking the parser’s operation

If you can see the data in the program’s main window but not in the database, you may need to check the parser. Possibly, the parser works incorrectly. That usually happens if the parser expects data in a different format than that sent by the PBX.


1. Select the “DDE server” data export module (Figure 1).



Figure 1. Selecting a data export module


2. Click “OK” to save changes.


3. Wait for new data.


4. Open the list of data export modules (Figure 1) and double-click “DDE server.”


5. In the module’s settings window, switch to the “All active items” tab. If you can see the parsed data from your PBX and everything looks fine, the parser works correctly.


6. After checking the parser, you can disable the “DDE server” module.

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