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How to view data in PBX Reports

PBX Reports uses the data written to the database by Advanced PBX Data Logger. PBX Reports can work only with a MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MS Access database. So Advanced PBX Data Logger must be configured to write data to a database that is supported. If any data are successfully written, they should appear on the “SMDR records” tab (Figure 1).



Figure 1. PBX Reports window


Advanced PBX Data Logger writes data to the database in real time. To display new data on the “SMDR records” tab, click the Refresh button (see Figure 1).


What to do if I cannot see any data in PBX Reports?


Make sure that PBX Reports connects to the same database as used by Advanced PBX Data Logger. To do that, compare the database connection parameters in any data export module of Advanced PBX Data Logger (see the previous sections) and in the PBX Reports settings:


1. Select “Edit → Options” in the main menu.

2. Switch to the “Common — Database” tab.

3. Check the connection parameters.