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About Advanced PBX Data Logger

The Private Branch eXchange (also called PBX or Private Business Exchange) is a telephone switching center that is owned by a private business, compared to one that is owned by the common carrier or telephone company. In Europe, the term PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is often used. The call records from the PBX are called SMDR, CDR, or CIL. Most PBX offers the following interfaces for collecting data from the PBX:


Serial interface - historically used to print every call record to a serial printer. Now our software can capture data from this port.

Network Port (Listen mode) - where Advanced PBX Data Logger connects to the TCP or UDP port. The PBX then starts streaming information down to the application.

Network Port (Server mode) - The PBX connects to Advanced PBX Data Logger.


Advanced PBX Data Logger enables users to record, track and archive phone calls and can capture SMDR or CIR data from RS232, RS845, TCP or UDP ports, custom processes it to your needs, then extracts variables with the data from data packets and transfers the data to a text or binary file, database, DDE, OPC.


Key features of Advanced PBX Data Logger are:


Capability to log data from multiple PBX at the same time. Our data logger can collect data from multiple PBX simultaneously. Each PBX may have fully different settings;

Universal. Supports more than 50 PBX types and allows creating custom configuration;

Variable data receive. Captures CDR and SMDR data from PBX;

Extended logging features. Outputs received data without any changes to a log file. Supports date/time stamping and logs rotation;

Visualization. The program allows you to display all received data in the program window. You can customize data view options;

Advanced data parser. Allows you to create a custom configurations for PBXs that are not defined by default;

Filtering. You may define simple rules or use powerful regular expressions;

MS Excel. Data export to ready-to-use MS Excel files;

Databases support. Exporting data to MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC-compatible database (MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, dBase and others);

Real-time export capabilities. Advanced PBX Data Logger can run as DDE or OPC server and can public all received data;

Program message logging. Writing to a protocol file all program messages, so you may diagnose errors and warning;

Plug-ins. Many plug-in modules that extending program features;

Simple, menu-driven step by step set-up Programming is not required to configure the software to collect data;

It supports various operating systems. The logger runs on all versions starting from Windows 2000, including 32 and 64-bit systems.

Windows service mode. Unlike most other serial logging applications, Advanced PBX Data Logger can run as a service so that it starts as soon as the operating system starts and doesn't require a user to log in and run it. It will continue to run even as a user logon and logoff the workstation.


It is extremely easy to use! The configuration process is fully menu-driven and has complete, context-sensitive, online help. You can easily customize all input to your exact specifications. Once you see how easy it is to use Advanced PBX Data Logger, you will never again take data readings by hand!


Company home page: http://www.aggsoft.com/

Software home page: http://www.aggsoft.com/pbx-data-logger.htm

Serial port hardware reference: http://www.aggsoft.com/rs232-pinout-cable/