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Files settings

Select the "Read options" tab in the "Configuration options" window, and you will see the file and scan settings on the screen (fig. 2.6.4).



Fig. 2.6.4 Shell mode


Scan mode - the list allows you to select one of the scan modes: Simple or Shell. In the Simple mode, the program goes through files in the specified folders and subfolders and checks if the file size has changed. The Shell mode uses operating system events to check changes in the file size. The program monitors new files and folders and deleted files and folders in both modes. If the operating system does not support the Shell mode, only the Simple mode will be available in the list. The default mode is Shell.


Shell mode


File mask - the field contains the file mask used to scan files. The program processes only those files that match the mask. For example: *.* - all files are processed, *.txt - only text files are processed, *.exe - only executable files are processed. The default is *.*.


Block size (bytes) - the field contains the size of the block (in pixels) used to read data. If the size is too small, Data will be read multiple times from the file, which will result in a delay. If the size is too large, it may also result in a delay. Choose the optimal data block size. The default is 512 bytes.


Min file size - the field defines the minimum size of a file to be processed. There is a list to the right from this field. It contains measurement units: Byte(s), KByte(s) and MByte(s). If the size of the file is less than that specified in the field with the corresponding measurement unit, it is not processed. The default is 1 Byte(s).


Time after change (msec) - the field contains the delay before the file is read. If the file changes again during the delay, the reading will be delayed again and so on until the file stops changing. The default is 500 msec.


Read data on start - the checkbox allows the program to read data from the file and pass them to the kernel at the program startup. The above parameters are used to read data. It is disabled by default.


Read and delete - if the option is selected, the program will delete the file after the data is read. It is not selected by default.


Read and truncate - if the option is selected, the program will clear the file so that its size equals zero after the data is read. It is not selected by default.


Read and don't change - if this option is selected, the program will leave the file unchanged after the data is read. It is selected by default.


Simple mode


All parameters are the same as for the Shell mode except for the last option.


Scan interval (sec) - the field contains the scan interval value. The default is 30 sec.