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Window view

This tab in program options (fig. 6.1.1) allows you to customize the appearance of the main window of the program (fig.1.1.1). You can access this tab through the "Options -> Program options" menu item in the main window.



Fig. 6.1.1 Window view setting


You can set the following parameters:


Start in minimized state - at start Advanced PBX Data Logger will automatically minimize the program window to the taskbar or to the Systray (fig. 6.1.2).

Minimize to Systray - while the main window of Advanced PBX Data Logger minimizes, the program will automatically put its icon to the system panel near the clock.

Show data window - if you specify this option, then the program will display all data in the main window. You may disable this option if you log data from many ports on a slow computer. It reduces the computer's CPU usage.

Output data on screen in minimized state - if you'll enable this option, then the program will display processed data in minimized state. If you are logging many data sources on a slow computer, then you can decrease computer central processor load rate with disabling of this option.

Font type - the data will be displayed with this font type in the main window. We recommend using mono-spaced fonts in this field, such as Terminal, Courier, or System.

Screen buffer - when the number of lines in the main window exceeds the specified value, the program deletes old lines from the screen buffer.

Window view - this option group lets you configure data window view mode (a font color, a font type, a background color).

Transparency - in Windows 2000 and later lets you set the transparency of the main window. The most left position is the normal window view, and the most right position is maximum transparency.

Wrap words - if you didn't configure a parser module or your data flow doesn't contain a blocks separator, then your data without this option enabled will be displayed as one long string in the data window.



Fig. 6.1.2 Systray - panel near clock