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How to connect Panasonic PBX through USB


1. Connect your PBX using an USB cable.

2. Install the USB driver for your PBX and OS (x64 or x86). Please, verify that the driver is installed successfully.

3. Install TAPI Service Provider (TSP)


Please choose your PBX:



TSP v4.2 x86 (16,5 MB)

TSP v4.2 x64 (20,6 MB)

Panasonic KX-Series TSP

Installation Manual (961 KB)

Panasonic KX-TDA, Panasonic KX-TVM, Panasonic KX-TE

USB-driver (610KB v2.3.0.0)

Panasonic KX-TD

TSP (1,6MB v1.2.177)


4. Reboot your computer

5. Add the new "TAPI" data source in our software (by clicking the "Plus" button)