Elnet (GR,PQ,LT,LTP,MC,PIC,LTE,LTC) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Voltage line 2 single
4Voltage line 3 single
6Voltage between line 1 and line 2 single
8Voltage between line 2 and line 3 single
10Voltage between line 3 and line 1 single
12Current in line 1 single
14Current in line 2 single
16Current in line 3 single
18Active power line 1Wattsingle
20Active power line 2Wattsingle
22Active power line 3wattsingle
24Combined active power line 1+2 +3wattsingle
26Apparent power line 1VAsingle
28Apparent power line 2VAsingle
30Apparent power line 3VAsingle
32Combined apparent power line 1+2+3 single
34Reactive power line 1VARsingle
36Reactive power line 2VARsingle
38Reactive power line 3VARsingle
40Combined reactive power line 1+2+3 single
42Power factor line 1PFsingle
44Power factor line 2PFsingle
46Power factor line 3PFsingle
48Combined power factor for line 1+2+3 single
50Frequency line 1Hrzsingle
52Frequency line 2Hrzsingle
54Frequency line 3Hrzsingle
56Current neutral line single
58Power factor line 1L and Csingle
60Power factor line 2L and Csingle
62Power factor line 3L and Csingle
64Combined power factor for line 1+2+3L and Csingle
66Total current in line 1+2+3 single
76Tou (taoz) rate single
78Active total energyWhsingle
80Reactive total energyVARhsingle
82Apparent total energyVahsingle
84Date timeWin Formatsingle
86Time from 01 01 2000 in seconds single
88Address single
90Baud rate single
92Parity single
94Current transformer ratio single
96Timed average voltage single
98Timed average current single
100Timed average power single
102Timed avaerge frequqncy single
104Thd for volts line 1 single
106Thd for volts line 2 single
108Thd for volts line 3 single
110Thd for current line 1 single
112Thd for current line 2 single
114Thd for current line 3 single
116Active rate1,2,3single
118Active energy line 1W-Importsingle
120Active energy line 2W-Importsingle
122Active energy line 3W-Importsingle
124Reactive energy line 1VAR-Importsingle
126Reactive energy line 2VAR-Importsingle
128Reactive energy line 3VAR-Importsingle
130Apparant energy line 1VA-Importsingle
132Apparant energy line 2VA-Importsingle
134Apparant energy line 3VA-Importsingle
136Active energy line 1 rate 1Impsingle
138Active energy line 2 rate 1Impsingle
140Active energy line 3 rate 1Impsingle
142Active energy line 1 rate 2Impsingle
144Active energy line 2 rate 2Impsingle
146Active energy line 3 rate 2Impsingle
148Active energy line 1 rate 3Impsingle
150Active energy line 2 rate 3Impsingle
152Active energy line 3 rate 3Impsingle
154Active energy line 1+2+3 rate 1Isingle
156Active energy line 1+2+3 rate 2Isingle
158Active energy line 1+2+3 rate 3Isingle
160Apparant energy line 1 rate 1Isingle
162Apparant energy line 2 rate 1Isingle
164Apparant energy line 3 rate 1Isingle
166Apparant energy line 1 rate 2Isingle
168Apparant energy line 2 rate 2Isingle
170Apparant energy line 3 rate 2Isingle
172Apparant energy line 1 rate 3Isingle
174Apparant energy line 2 rate 3Isingle
176Apparant energy line 3 rate 3Isingle
178Apparant energy 1+2+3 rate 1Isingle
180Apparant energy 1+2+3 rate 2Isingle
182Apparant energy 1+2+3 rate 3Isingle
184Voltage transformer ratio single
186Epeom revision single
188Demo mode single
190Configuration password single
192Min. Current to accumulate energy single
194Mulimeter id single
196User function modeTechnicalsingle
198Test value 12.34 single
200Demand kw maxWattsingle
202Demand pfKWsingle
204Demand dateKWsingle
206Demand kvaWattsingle
208Demand pfKVAsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Elnet (GR,PQ,LT,LTP,MC,PIC,LTE,LTC) data logging

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