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Datatag Link interconnects different data sources in real-time

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2022) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 1.1.3 build 1211. December 11, 2023.

Datatag Link interconnects different data sources in real-time    

Brief description:

Datatag Link is a utility that enables you to link one or more values (tags) from different data sources and ensure two-way real-time communication between these sources. Data transmission between sources may be accompanied by automatic conversion of data types. At the same time, each transaction is logged to a separate log file.

Typical usage:
- Bridging multiple interfaces i.g. MQTT-OPC, OPC-SQL, etc.
- Simple logging of data sources to SQL.
- Linking databases and industrial equipment (SQL-MODBUS).

What problems can be solved with Datatag Link?

Our program allows you to save money and do without purchasing hardware converters. Using Datatag Link on an intermediate server or embedded computer gives you a more flexible and scalable solution with multiple settings.

Low Cost, No Maintenance, Adaptable to any application device. It can interconvert different data sources. All the work is made in a few clicks, from the graphical user interface. And you do not need to buy and wait a costly hardware when you require a quick and effective solution.

What is difference?

Instead of our Data Logger Suite, Datatag Link is oriented for bidirectional data transfer from different data sources, but it has less advanced data logging features.

Getting started is easy. Datatag Link is ready!

After installing Datatag Link, start it from the "Start → Programs" group, click the "Green Plus" button on the main toolbar and configure a link in a dialog window (PDF manual). Click the "OK" button in the dialog window to save the settings. Now, your MODBUS converter is ready.


Datatag Link. Overview. More screenshots


No borders. Connecting to OPC DA, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, or MODBUS servers in any combination. Bridging multiple interfaces, i.g. MQTT-OPC, OPC-SQL, etc.

Many tag links. Adding up to 65,000 tags to enable synchronization in one application.

OPC DA. The OPC server for the well-known standard with a hierarchic tag structure.

OPC UA. Supporting secure connections, as well as operation via the Internet.

SQL. Supporting all widely used databases (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Azure).

SQL. Simple logging of data sources in SQL. You can select a table and column, or specify your custom SQL query, or call a stored procedure.

MQTT. Supporting simple values and those valid in JSON.

MODBUS. Supporting MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU connections.

SQL-MODBUS. Linking databases and industrial equipment.

History data. Data logging of all processed values into a CSV file.

Real-time. Our software makes all conversions on-the-fly, without any delays.

High-speed. All links may work in a parallel and optimized to work at maximum speed.

Service mode. Supporting automatic startup and running as a background service, establishing communication between sources even before the user logs into the system.

Various OS. Works on all Windows versions 2000+.

Easy-to-use. Configuring all parameters in the dialog mode.

Online help. Press the F1 key at any time and online help will appear, providing full and up-to-date documentation.