« This program is just what I was looking for - something which is adaptable by "non-programmers" such as myself to our many and rapidly changing applications and equipment configurations. »

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Serial Data Logger software - COM port data acquisition and logging software

For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2022) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.7.8 build 527. May 27, 2024.

Serial Data Logger Software is a data logging solution from serial, COM, RS232, RS485, RS422 ports to a file, Excel, or a database    

Brief description:

Advanced Serial Data Logger inputs RS232 data directly into file, Excel, Access, or any Windows application. Advanced Serial Data Logger provides real-time data collection from any serial device or instrument. Send and receive RS232 data across an RS232 port or RS485 port with a hardware converter.

What problems can be solved with Advanced Serial Data Logger?

Our software captures serial data, custom tailors it to your needs, then extract bits of data from data packets and transfers the data to any Windows or database - either by sending keystrokes to the application's window, bypassing the data through a native interface (OPC, DDE ODBC, OLE) or send data to the Internet. It allows you to implement simple and complex automatization tasks shortly without special programming.

Getting started is easy. Advanced Serial Data Logger is ready!

After installation, start Advanced Serial Data Logger from the Start Menu. Choose the communication parameters for your serial device. Then define how you want the serial data to be parsed and processed.


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Capability to log multiple serial (RS232, RS485, RS422) ports at the same time. Our data logger can log multiple ports simultaneously so that multiple external serial devices can be controlled.

Flexible parameters. You can use any baud rate, number of data bits or stop bits, parity, hardware, and software flow control. You may define custom baud rates too.

RS-485 protocol support. Advanced Serial Data Logger can handle the RTS signal and control the direction of data flow.

Spy (sniffer) mode. Allows you to monitor and catch data exchange between an external device and other software.

Variable data receive. Supports text, raw, binary data, and various communication protocols.

Extended logging features. The program can save sent and received data to a file without any changes. The log file has many customization settings (on time, data, size, etc.).

Data query modules. Advanced Serial Data Logger can also transmit requests or commands out the serial port to control or query your instruments directly from Advanced Serial Data Logger over ASCII (by default), MODBUS protocol, or another supported protocol. Think of Advanced Serial Data Logger as a fully customizable serial I/O device driver.

Advanced data parsers. Allow you to parse, filter, and format your data. You may define simple rules or use powerful regular expressions.

Databases support. Data export to any ODBC- or SQL-compatible database (MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL and others).

Cloud databases. Data export to the most popular cloud databases (Microsoft Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift).

Industrial real-time export capabilities. Advanced Serial Data Logger can run as DDE or OPC server and can public all received data.

Office product integrations. Advanced Serial Data Logger can send data to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, to rows or columns.

The auto program restart at the specified time. Allows you to change the program configuration remotely.

Program message logging. Writing to a file all program messages so that you may diagnose errors and warning.

Plugins. Many plugin modules extend program features.

Simple, menu-driven step by step set-up Programming is not required to configure the software to collect data.

Various OS. Works on all Windows versions 2000+.

Windows service mode. Advanced Serial Data Logger is also a Windows 2000+ service that records all data received on a serial port to a file on a disk or to other targets. It starts as soon as the operating system starts and doesn't require a user to log in and run it. It will continue to run even as users logon and logoff the workstation. However, Advanced Serial Data Logger is generic enough to be useful whenever one-way serial traffic needs to be recorded.

It is effortless to use! The configuration process is fully menu-driven and has complete, context-sensitive, on-line help. You can easily customize all input to your exact specifications. Once you see how easy it is to use Advanced Serial Data Logger, you will never again take data readings by hand!