Trinity (Goblin) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
199Vln R dword
201Vin Y dword
203Vin B dword
205Vin avg dword
207Vii ry dword
209Vii yb dword
211Vii br dword
213Vii avg dword
215Ir dword
217Iy dword
219Lb dword
221Lavg dword
223I neutral dword
229Hz dword
231System pf integer
233Pfr integer
235Pfy integer
237Pfb integer
239System kw dword
241System kvar integer
243System kva dword
245Kwr dword
247Kwy dword
249Kwb dword
251Kvar r dword
253Kvar y dword
255Kvar b dword
257Kva r dword
259Kva y dword
261Kva b dword
263Kw demand dword
265Md kw dword
269Md kva dword
275Sys kwh dword
277Sys kvarh dword
279Sys. Kvarh lg dword
281Sys. Kvarh ld dword
283Sys kvah dword
2853rd hvr dword
287Sth hvr dword
2897th hvr dword
2918th hvr dword
2939th hvr dword
29511th hvr dword
29715th hvr dword
299Thd hvr dword
3013rd hlr dword
303Sth hlr dword
3057th hlr dword
3078th hlr dword
3099th hlr dword
31111th hlr dword
31315th hlr dword
315Thd hlr dword
3173rd hvy dword
319Sth hvy dword
3217th hvy dword
3238th hvy dword
3259th hvy dword
32711th hvy dword
32915th hvy dword
331Thd hvy dword
3333rd hly dword
335Sth hly dword
3377th hly dword
3398th hly dword
3419th hly dword
34311th hly dword
34515th hly dword
347Thd hly dword
3493rd hvb dword
351Sth hvb dword
3537th hvb dword
3558th hvb dword
3579th hvb dword
35911th hvb dword
36115th hvb dword
363Thd hvb dword
3653rd hlb dword
367Sth hlb dword
3697th hlb dword
3718th hlb dword
3739th hlb dword
37511th hlb dword
37715th hlb dword
379Thd hlb dword

Trinity (EM9400) data logging
Trinity (Goblin) data logging
Trinity (Infinity) data logging
Trinity (PowerPro) data logging
Trinity (Xpert) data logging

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