Carlo Gavazzi (WM30, WM40) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Communication module firmware version (only in case mceth or mcbacip modules) word
2Analogue output module firmware version (position 1 only in case moa2 or mov2 modules) word
3Advanced six channel digital inputs + four channel outputs module firmware version (only in case mfi6r4 or mfi6o6) word
4Process module (only in case matp or matpn) word
5Analogue output module firmware version (position 2 only in case moa2 or mov2 modules) word
11Carlo gavazzi controls identification code word
32Letter 1 (from sx) letter 2 (from sx) word
33Letter 3 (from sx) letter 4 (from sx) word
34Letter 5 (from sx) letter 6 (from sx) word
35Letter 7 (from sx) letter 8 (from sx) word
36Letter 9 (from sx) letter 10 (from sx) word
37Letter 11 (from sx) letter 12 (from sx) word
38Letter 13 (from sx) word
80V L1 N single
82V L2 N single
84V L3 N single
86V L N single
88V L1 L2 single
90V L2 L3 single
92V L3 L1 single
94V L L single
96A L1 single
98A L2 single
100A L3 single
102A N single
104W L1 single
106W L2 single
108W L3 single
110W single
112Va L1 single
114Va L2 single
116Va L3 single
118Va single
120Var L1 single
122Var L2 single
124Var L3 single
126Var single
128Pf L1 single
130Pf L2 single
132Pf L3 single
134Pf single
136Hz single
138Asymmetry L N single
140Asymmetry L L single
142Phase sequence single
144K factor L1 single
146K factor L2 single
148K factor L3 single
150Temperature single
152Analogue input single
160Thd tot VL1 N single
162Thd tot VL2 N single
164Thd tot VL3 N single
166Thd tot vl12 single
168Thd tot vl23 single
170Thd tot vl31 single
172Thd tot AL1 single
174Thd tot AL2 single
176Thd tot AL3 single
178Thd odd VL1 N single
180Thd odd VL2 N single
182Thd odd VL3 N single
184Thd odd vl12 single
186Thd odd vl23 single
188Thd odd vl31 single
190Thd odd AL1 single
192Thd odd AL2 single
194Thd odd AL3 single
196Thd even VL1 N single
198Thd even VL2 N single
200Thd even VL3 N single
202Thd even vl12 single
204Thd even vl23 single
206Thd even vl31 single
208Thd even AL1 single
210Thd even AL2 single
212Thd even AL3 single
214Tdd tot AL1 single
216Tdd tot AL2 single
218Tdd tot AL3 single
336Max V L1 N single
338Max V L2 N single
340Max V L3 N single
342Max V L N single
344Max V L1 L2 single
346Max V L2 L3 single
348Max V L3 L1 single
350Max V L L single
352Max A L1 single
354Max A L2 single
356Max A L3 single
358Max A N single
360Max W L1 single
362Max W L2 single
364Max W L3 single
366Max W single
368Max va L1 single
370Max va L2 single
372Max va L3 single
374Max va single
376Max var L1 single
378Max var L2 single
380Max var L3 single
382Max var single
384Max pf L1 single
386Max pf L2 single
388Max pf L3 single
390Max pf single
392Max hz single
394Max asymmetry L N single
396Max asymmetry L L single
400Max K factor L1 single
402Max K factor L2 single
404Max K factor L3 single
406Max temperature single
408Max analogue input single
416Max thd tot VL1 N single
418Max thd tot VL2 N single
420Max thd tot VL3 N single
422Max thd tot vl12 single
424Max thd tot vl23 single
426Max thd tot vl31 single
428Max thd tot AL1 single
430Max thd tot AL2 single
432Max thd tot AL3 single
434Max thd odd VL1 N single
436Max thd odd VL2 N single
438Max thd odd VL3 N single
440Max thd odd vl12 single
442Max thd odd vl23 single
444Max thd odd vl31 single
446Max thd odd AL1 single
448Max thd odd AL2 single
450Max thd odd AL3 single
452Max thd even VL1 N single
454Max thd even VL2 N single
456Max thd even VL3 N single
458Max thd even vl12 single
460Max thd even vl23 single
462Max thd even vl31 single
464Max thd even AL1 single
466Max thd even AL2 single
468Max thd even AL3 single
470Max tdd tot AL1 single
472Max tdd tot AL2 single
474Max tdd tot AL3 single
592Min V L1 N single
594Min V L2 N single
596Min V L3 N single
598Min V L N single
600Min V L1 L2 single
602Min V L2 L3 single
604Min V L3 L1 single
606Min V L L single
608Min A L1 single
610Min A L2 single
612Min A L3 single
614Min A N single
616Min W L1 single
618Min W L2 single
620Min W L3 single
622Min W single
624Min va L1 single
626Min va L2 single
628Min va L3 single
630Min va single
632Min var L1 single
634Min var L2 single
636Min var L3 single
638Min var single
640Min pf L1 single
642Min pf L2 single
644Min pf L3 single
646Min pf single
648Min hz single
650Min asymmetry L N single
652Min asymmetry L L single
656Min K factor L1 single
658Min K factor L2 single
660Min K factor L3 single
662Min temperature single
664Min analogue input single
672Min thd tot VL1 N single
674Min thd tot VL2 N single
676Min thd tot VL3 N single
678Min thd tot vl12 single
680Min thd tot vl23 single
682Min thd tot vl31 single
684Min thd tot AL1 single
686Min thd tot AL2 single
688Min thd tot AL3 single
690Min thd odd VL1 N single
692Min thd odd VL2 N single
694Min thd odd VL3 N single
696Min thd odd vl12 single
698Min thd odd vl23 single
700Min thd odd vl31 single
702Min thd odd AL1 single
704Min thd odd AL2 single
706Min thd odd AL3 single
708Min thd even VL1 N single
710Min thd even VL2 N single
712Min thd even VL3 N single
714Min thd even vl12 single
716Min thd even vl23 single
718Min thd even vl31 single
720Min thd even AL1 single
722Min thd even AL2 single
724Min thd even AL3 single
726Min tdd tot AL1 single
728Min tdd tot AL2 single
730Min tdd tot AL3 single
848Dmd V L1 N single
850Dmd V L2 N single
852Dmd V L3 N single
854Dmd V L N single
856Dmd V L1 L2 single
858Dmd V L2 L3 single
860Dmd V L3 L1 single
862Dmd V L L single
864Dmd A L1 single
866Dmd A L2 single
868Dmd A L3 single
870Dmd A N single
872Dmd W L1 single
874Dmd W L2 single
876Dmd W L3 single
878Dmd W single
880Dmd va L1 single
882Dmd va L2 single
884Dmd va L3 single
886Dmd va single
888Dmd var L1 single
890Dmd var L2 single
892Dmd var L3 single
894Dmd var single
896Dmd pf L1 single
898Dmd pf L2 single
900Dmd pf L3 single
902Dmd pf single
904Dmd hz single
906Dmd asymmetry L N single
908Dmd asymmetry L L single
912Dmd K factor L1 single
914Dmd K factor L2 single
916Dmd K factor L3 single
918Dmd temperature single
920Dmd analogue input single
928Dmd thd tot VL1 N single
930Dmd thd tot VL2 N single
932Dmd thd tot VL3 N single
934Dmd thd tot vl12 single
936Dmd thd tot vl23 single
938Dmd thd tot vl31 single
940Dmd thd tot AL1 single
942Dmd thd tot AL2 single
944Dmd thd tot AL3 single
946Dmd thd odd VL1 N single
948Dmd thd odd VL2 N single
950Dmd thd odd VL3 N single
952Dmd thd odd vl12 single
954Dmd thd odd vl23 single
956Dmd thd odd vl31 single
958Dmd thd odd AL1 single
960Dmd thd odd AL2 single
962Dmd thd odd AL3 single
964Dmd thd even VL1 N single
966Dmd thd even VL2 N single
968Dmd thd even VL3 N single
970Dmd thd even vl12 single
972Dmd thd even vl23 single
974Dmd thd even vl31 single
976Dmd thd even AL1 single
978Dmd thd even AL2 single
980Dmd thd even AL3 single
982Dmd tdd tot AL1 single
984Dmd tdd tot AL2 single
986Dmd tdd tot AL3 single
1104Dmd max V L1 N single
1106Dmd max V L2 N single
1108Dmd max V L3 N single
1110Dmd max V L N single
1112Dmd max V L1 L2 single
1114Dmd max V L2 L3 single
1116Dmd max V L3 L1 single
1118Dmd max V L L single
1120Dmd max A L1 single
1122Dmd max A L2 single
1124Dmd max A L3 single
1126Dmd max A N single
1128Dmd max W L1 single
1130Dmd max W L2 single
1132Dmd max W L3 single
1134Dmd max W single
1136Dmd max va L1 single
1138Dmd max va L2 single
1140Dmd max va L3 single
1142Dmd max va single
1144Dmd max var L1 single
1146Dmd max var L2 single
1148Dmd max var L3 single
1150Dmd max var single
1152Dmd max pf L1 single
1154Dmd max pf L2 single
1156Dmd max pf L3 single
1158Dmd max pf single
1160Dmd max hz single
1162Dmd max asymmetry L N single
1164Dmd max asymmetry L L single
1168Dmd max K factor L1 single
1170Dmd max K factor L2 single
1172Dmd max K factor L3 single
1174Dmd max temperature single
1176Dmd max analogue input single
1184Dmd max thd tot VL1 N single
1186Dmd max thd tot VL2 N single
1188Dmd max thd tot VL3 N single
1190Dmd max thd tot vl12 single
1192Dmd max thd tot vl23 single
1194Dmd max thd tot vl31 single
1196Dmd max thd tot AL1 single
1198Dmd max thd tot AL2 single
1200Dmd max thd tot AL3 single
1202Dmd max thd odd VL1 N single
1204Dmd max thd odd VL2 N single
1206Dmd max thd odd VL3 N single
1208Dmd max thd odd vl12 single
1210Dmd max thd odd vl23 single
1212Dmd max thd odd vl31 single
1214Dmd max thd odd AL1 single
1216Dmd max thd odd AL2 single
1218Dmd max thd odd AL3 single
1220Dmd max thd even VL1 N single
1222Dmd max thd even VL2 N single
1224Dmd max thd even VL3 N single
1226Dmd max thd even vl12 single
1228Dmd max thd even vl23 single
1230Dmd max thd even vl31 single
1232Dmd max thd even AL1 single
1234Dmd max thd even AL2 single
1236Dmd max thd even AL3 single
1238Dmd max tdd tot AL1 single
1240Dmd max tdd tot AL2 single
1242Dmd max tdd tot AL3 single
1280Total kwh+Whint64
1284Total kvarh+ int64
1288Total kwh int64
1292Total kvarh int64
1296Partial kwh+ int64
1300Partial kvarh+ int64
1304Partial kwh int64
1308Partial kvarh int64
1312Hours counter int64
1316Tariff 1 kwh+Whint64
1320Tariff 1 kvarh+ int64
1324Tariff 1 kwh int64
1328Tariff 1 kvarh int64
1332Tariff 2 kwh+ int64
1336Tariff 2 kvarh+ int64
1340Tariff 2 kwh int64
1344Tariff 2 kvarh int64
1348Tariff 3 kwh+ int64
1352Tariff 3 kvarh+ int64
1356Tariff 3 kwh int64
1360Tariff 3 kvarh int64
1364Tariff 4 kwh+ int64
1368Tariff 4 kvarh+ int64
1372Tariff 4 kwh int64
1376Tariff 4 kvarh int64
1380Tariff 5 kwh+ int64
1384Tariff 5 kvarh+ int64
1388Tariff 5 kwh int64
1392Tariff 5 kvarh int64
1396Tariff 6 kwh+ int64
1400Tariff 6 kvarh+ int64
1404Tariff 6 kwh int64
1408Tariff 6 kvarh int64

Carlo Gavazzi (EM24) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi (EM26) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi (EM270) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi (EM271) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi (EM33) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi (WM14, CPT A) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi (WM30, WM40) data logging
Carlo Gavazzi EM21 data logging

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