Finder (Series 7E,7E64,7E68,7E78,7E86) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
4096Ph 1 N voltageVsingle
4098Ph 2 N voltageVsingle
4100Ph 3 N voltageVsingle
4102L 1 2 voltageVsingle
4104L 2 3 voltageVsingle
4106L 3 1 voltageVsingle
4108System voltageVsingle
4110Ph1 currentAsingle
4112Ph2 currentAsingle
4114Ph3 currentAsingle
4116Neutral currentAsingle
4118System currentAsingle
4120Ph1 power factor single
4122Ph2 power factor single
4124Ph3 power factor single
4126Sys power factor single
4128Ph1 active powerWsingle
4130Ph2 active powerWsingle
4132Ph3 active powerWsingle
4134Sys active powerWsingle
4136Ph1 appare nt powerVAsingle
4138Ph2 apparent powerVAsingle
4140Ph3 apparent powerVAsingle
4142Sys apparent powerVAsingle
4144Ph1 reactive powervarsingle
4146Ph2 reactive powervarsingle
4148Ph3 reactive powervarsingle
4150Sys reactive powervarsingle
4154Phase seque nce single
4352Ph1 imp. Active enWhsingle
4354Ph2 imp. Active enWhsingle
4356Ph3 imp. Active enWhsingle
4358Sys imp. Active enWhsingle
4360Ph1 exp. Active enWhsingle
4362Ph2 exp. Active enWhsingle
4364Ph3 exp. Active enWhsingle
4366Sys exp. Active enWhsingle
4368Ph1 imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4370Ph2 imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4372Ph3 imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4374Sys imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4376Ph1 exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4378Ph2 exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4380Ph3 exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4382Sys exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4384Ph1 imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4386Ph2 imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4388Ph3 imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4390Sys imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4392Ph1 exp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4394Ph2 exp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4396Ph3 exp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4398Sys exp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4400Ph1 imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4402Ph2 imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4404Ph3 imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4406Sys imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4408Ph1 exp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4410Ph2 exp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4412Ph3 exp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4414Sys exp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4416Ph1 imp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4418Ph2 imp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4420Ph3 imp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4422Sys imp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4424Ph1 exp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4426Ph2 exp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4428Ph3 exp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4430Sys exp. Lead. Reactive envarhsingle
4608Ph1 imp. Active enWhsingle
4610Ph2 imp. Active enWhsingle
4612Ph3 imp. Active enWhsingle
4614Sys imp. Active enWhsingle
4616Ph1 exp. Active enWhsingle
4618Ph2 exp. Active enWhsingle
4620Ph3 exp. Active enWhsingle
4622Sys exp. Active enWhsingle
4624Ph1 imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4626Ph2 imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4628Ph3 imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4630Sys imp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4632Ph1 exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4634Ph2 exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4636Ph3 exp. Lag. Appare nt enVAhsingle
4638Sys exp. Lag. Apparent enVAhsingle
4640Ph1 imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4642Ph2 imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4644Ph3 imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4646Sys imp. Lead. Apparent enVAhsingle
4648Ph1 exp. Lead. Appare nt enVAhsingle
4650Ph2 exp. Lead. Appare nt enVAhsingle
4652Ph3 exp. Lead. Appare nt enVAhsingle
4654Sys exp. Lead. Appare nt enVAhsingle
4656Ph1 imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4658Ph2 imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4660Ph3 lmp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4662Sys imp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4664Ph1 exp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
4666Ph2 exp. Lag. Reactive envarhsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Finder (Series 7E,7E64,7E68,7E78,7E86) data logging

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