Fronius (Symo 6) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
40069AC CurrentAword
40070Phase A CurrentAword
40071Phase B CurrentAword
40072Phase C CurrentAword
40073Scale factor [A_SF] smallint
40074Phase Voltage ABVword
40075Phase Voltage BCVword
40076Phase Voltage CAVword
40077Phase Voltage ANVword
40078Phase Voltage BNVword
40079Phase Voltage CNVword
40080Scale factor [V_SF] smallint
40081AC PowerWsmallint
40082Scale factor [W_SF] smallint
40083Line FrequencyHzword
40084Scale factor [HZ_SF] smallint
40085AC Apparent PowerVAsmallint
40086Scale factor [VA_SF] smallint
40087AC Reactive Powervarsmallint
40088Scale factor [VAR_SF] smallint
40089AC Power FactorPctsmallint
40090Scale factor [PF_SF] smallint
40091AC EnergyWhdword
40093Scale factor [WH_SF] smallint
40094DC CurrentAword
40095Scale factor [DCA_SF] smallint
40096DC VoltageVword
40097Scale factor [DCV_SF] smallint
40098DC PowerWsmallint
40099Scale factor [DCW_SF] smallint
40100Cabinet TemperatureCsmallint
40101Heat Sink TemperatureCsmallint
40102Transformer TemperatureCsmallint
40103Other TemperatureCsmallint
40104Scale factor [TMP_SF] smallint
40105Enumerated value. Operating state word
40106Vendor specific operating state code word
40107Bitmask value. Event fields dword
40109Reserved for future use dword
40111Vendor defined events dword
40113Vendor defined events dword
40115Vendor defined events dword
40117Vendor defined events dword
40121Type of DER device. Default value is 4 to indicate PV device. word
40122Continuous power output capability of the inverter.Wword
40123Scale factor smallint
40124Continuous Volt-Ampere capability of the inverter.VAword
40125Scale factor smallint
40126Continuous VAR capability of the inverter in quadrant 1.varsmallint
40127Continuous VAR capability of the inverter in quadrant 2.varsmallint
40128Continuous VAR capability of the inverter in quadrant 3.varsmallint
40129Continuous VAR capability of the inverter in quadrant 4.varsmallint
40130Scale factor smallint
40131Maximum RMS AC current level capability of the inverter.Aword
40132Scale factor smallint
40133Minimum power factor capability of the inverter in quadrant 1.cos()smallint
40134Minimum power factor capability of the inverter in quadrant 2.cos()smallint
40135Minimum power factor capability of the inverter in quadrant 3.cos()smallint
40136Minimum power factor capability of the inverter in quadrant 4.cos()smallint
40137Scale factor smallint
40138Nominal energy rating of storage device.Whword
40139Scale factor smallint
40140The usable capacity of the battery. Maximum charge minus minimum charge from a technology capability perspective (Amp-hour capacity rating).AHword
40141Scale factor for amp-hour rating. smallint
40142Maximum rate of energy transfer into the storage device.Wword
40143Scale factor smallint
40144Maximum rate of energy transfer out of the storage device.Wword
40145Scale factor smallint
40146Pad register. 
40149Setting for maximum power output. Default to WRtg.Wword
40150Voltage at the PCC.Vword
40151Offset from PCC to inverter.Vsmallint
40152Setpoint for maximum voltage.Vword
40153Setpoint for minimum voltage.Vword
40154Setpoint for maximum apparent power. Default to VARtg.VAword
40155Setting for maximum reactive power in quadrant 1. Default to VArRtgQ1.varsmallint
40156Setting for maximum reactive power in quadrant 2. Default to VArRtgQ2.varsmallint
40157Setting for maximum reactive power in quadrant 3. Default to VArRtgQ3.varsmallint
40158Setting for maximum reactive power in quadrant 4. Default to VArRtgQ4.varsmallint
40159Default ramp rate of change of active power due to command or internal action.% WMax/secword
40160Setpoint for minimum power factor value in quadrant 1. Default to PFRtgQ1.cos()smallint
40161Setpoint for minimum power factor value in quadrant 2. Default to PFRtgQ2.cos()smallint
40162Setpoint for minimum power factor value in quadrant 3. Default to PFRtgQ3.cos()smallint
40163Setpoint for minimum power factor value in quadrant 4. Default to PFRtgQ4.cos()smallint
40164VAR action on change between charging and discharging: 1=switch 2=maintain VAR characterization. word
40165Calculation method for total apparent power. 1=vector 2=arithmetic. word
40166Setpoint for maximum ramp rate as percentage of nominal maximum ramp rate. This setting will limit the rate that watts delivery to the grid can increase or decrease in response to intermittent PV generation.% WGraword
40167Setpoint for nominal frequency at the ECP.Hzword
40168Identity of connected phase for single phase inverters. A=1 B=2 C=3. word
40169Scale factor for real power. smallint
40170Scale factor for voltage at the PCC. smallint
40171Scale factor for offset voltage. smallint
40172Scale factor for min/max voltages. smallint
40173Scale factor for apparent power. smallint
40174Scale factor for reactive power. smallint
40175Scale factor for default ramp rate. smallint
40176Scale factor for minimum power factor. smallint
40177Scale factor for maximum ramp percentage. smallint
40178Scale factor for nominal frequency. smallint
40181PV inverter present/available status. Enumerated value. word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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