Iskra (MT880,CM-f3e) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Current system time integer
5Current system date integer
8Active energy import (+a) double
12Active energy export (a) double
16Reactive energy import (+r) double
20Reactive energy export ( r) double
24Reactive energy Q1 (+ri) double
28Reactive energy Q2 (+rc) double
32Reactive energy Q3 ( ri) double
36Reactive energy Q4 ( rc) double
40Apparent energy import (+va) (Q1 + q4) double
44Apparent energy export ( va) (Q2 + q3) double
48Active energy import (+a) L1 double
52Active energy import (+a) L2 double
56Active energy import (+a) L3 double
60Active energy export ( a) L1 double
64Active energy export ( a) L2 double
68Active energy export ( a) L3 double
72Reactive energy import (+r) L1 double
76Reactive energy import (+r) L2 double
80Reactive energy import (+r) L3 double
84Reactive energy export ( r) L1 double
88Reactive energy export ( r) L2 double
92Reactive energy export ( r) L3 double
96Reactive energy Q1 (+ri) L1 double
100Reactive energy Q1 (+ri) L2 double
104Reactive energy Q1 (+ri) L3 double
108Reactive energy Q2 (+rc) L1 double
112Reactive energy Q2 (+rc) L2 double
116Reactive energy Q2 (+rc) L3 double
120Reactive energy Q3 ( ri) L1 double
124Reactive energy Q3 ( ri) L2 double
128Reactive energy Q3 ( ri) L3 double
132Reactive energy Q4 ( rc) L1 double
136Reactive energy Q4 ( rc) L2 double
140Reactive energy Q4 ( rc) L3 double
144Apparent energy import (+va) (Q1 + q4) L1 double
148Apparent energy import (+va) (Q1 + q4) L2 double
152Apparent energy import (+va) (Q1 + q4) L3 double
156Apparent energy export ( va) (Q2 + q3) L1 double
160Apparent energy export ( va) (Q2 + q3) L2 double
164Apparent energy export ( va) (Q2 + q3) L3 double
168Instantaneous active power (|+a|+| a|) single
170Instantaneous active import power (+a) single
172Instantaneous active import power (+a) L1 single
174Instantaneous active import power (+a) L2 single
176Instantaneous active import power (+a) L3 single
178Instantaneous active export power ( a) single
180Instantaneous active export power ( a) L1 single
182Instantaneous active export power ( a) L2 single
184Instantaneous active export power ( a) L3 single
186Instantaneous reactive import power (+r) single
188Instantaneous reactive import power (+r) L1 single
190Instantaneous reactive import power (+r) L2 single
192Instantaneous reactive import power (+r) L3 single
194Instantaneous reactive export power ( r) single
196Instantaneous reactive export power ( r) L1 single
198Instantaneous reactive export power ( r) L2 single
200Instantaneous reactive export power ( r) L3 single
202Reactive energy Q1 instantaneous (+ri) single
204Reactive energy Q1 instantaneous (+ri) L1 single
206Reactive energy Q1 instantaneous (+ri) L2 single
208Reactive energy Q1 instantaneous (+ri) L3 single
210Reactive energy Q2 instantaneous (+rc) single
212Reactive energy Q2 instantaneous (+rc) L1 single
214Reactive energy Q2 instantaneous (+rc) L2 single
216Reactive energy Q2 instantaneous (+rc) L3 single
218Reactive energy Q3 insatntaneous ( ri) single
220Reactive energy Q3 insatntaneous ( ri) L1 single
222Reactive energy Q3 insatntaneous ( ri) L2 single
224Reactive energy Q3 insatntaneous ( ri) L3 single
226Reactive energy Q4 instantaneous ( rc) single
228Reactive energy Q4 instantaneous ( rc) L1 single
230Reactive energy Q4 instantaneous ( rc) L2 single
232Reactive energy Q4 instantaneous ( rc) L3 single
234Instantaneous apparent import power (+va) single
236Instantaneous apparent import power (+va) L1 single
238Instantaneous apparent import power (+va) L2 single
240Instantaneous apparent import power (+va) L3 single
242Instantaneous apparent export power ( va) single
244Instantaneous apparent export power ( va) L1 single
246Instantaneous apparent export power ( va) L2 single
248Instantaneous apparent export power ( va) L3 single
250Instantaneous net frequency single
252Last average power factor positive (+a/ +va) single
254Instantaneous power factor positive (+a/ +va) single
256Last average power factor L1 positive (+a/ +va) single
258Instantaneous power factor L1 positive (+a/+va) single
260Last average power factor L2 positive (+a/ +va) single
262Instantaneous power factor L2 positive (+a/+va) single
264Last average power factor L3 positive (+a/ +va) single
266Instantaneous power factor L3 positive (+a/+va) single
268Last average power factor negative ( a/va) single
270Instantaneous power factor negative ( a/va) single
272Last average power factor L1 negative ( a/va) single
274Instantaneous power factor L1 negative (a/ va) single
276Last average power factor L2 negative ( a/va) single
278Instantaneous power factor L2 negative ( a/ va) single
280Last average power factor L3 negative ( a/va) single
282Instantaneous power factor L3 negative (a/ va) single
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Iskra (ECS3) data logging
Iskra (MT880,CM-f3e) data logging

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